sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

Biblioteca Digital Europeia

Content themes for the prototype

cities of the future/cities of the past
migration and diasporas
trade and industry
design, shopping and urban cool
pox, cholera and the plague: the route to urban health
archaeology and architecture
utopias and cities of the imagination
riot and disorder
palaces and politics
siege, bombardment and defence

Social life:
family ties
rites of passage
celebration and community
ritual and ceremony
race, class and gender
peer groups
clubs, groups and movements
social consumption: eating, drinking and smoking

first notes
court music and the classical tradition
popular music: from folk roots to downloads
music theatre
the sound of worship
working music: songs, bands and choirs
instruments and their development
learning music
high fidelity: a century of music recording

Crime and punishment:
crimes against humanity: war and atrocity
blind justice: history of the courts and court proceedings
judgment and punishment
life inside: dungeons, gaols and open prisons
outsiders: the shifts of prejudice and intolerance
murder most foul! crime and the popular imagination
crime on film and tv
corruption scandals
investigation and the rise of forensic science

Travel & tourism:
epics and traveller’s tales
explorer’s journals and captain’s logbooks
images of elsewhere: the art and photography of travel
travelling songs and music
historical sites and tourist destinations
sustainable tourism
the science of navigation
the grand tour
trade routes, commerce and world exhibitions